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Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Clevenger, Claton F Jr. to Clevenger, Claton F Jr. Trust 03-20-2001 Str 35-40-29

Mcleod, Sandy to Spackler, Mason D Lt 5 Bl 111 Town Company’s First Addn+

Colburn, Lyndell to Wendleton, Henry Str 3-40-31 //Sw

Bennett, Clinton Cole to Rankin, Caitlyn Lt 4 Bl 20 Amoret, Original Town Of+

Rrm Holdings, LLC to Hankins, Donald W Jr. Str 9-38-31 //Nw

Fox, Cathy S. to Fox, Eric Lee Lt 10 Bl 67 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+

Diehl, Donald to Champlin, Timothy Str 9-38-31 //Nw

Spencer, James Vincent to Spencer, Robert Wayne Str 18-38-33 //Ne

Spencer, James Vincent to Spencer, James V Str 18-38-33 //Ne

Watts, Delbert A to Watts, Timothy Alan Str 13-41-31 //Ne

Watts, Delbert A to Watts, Timothy Alan Str 13-41-31 //Ne

Tener, Kirk to Smith, Wade A. Str 1-39-29 //Nw

Mcdonald, Trenton James to Mccarl, Robert E. III Lt 28 Town Company’s First Addn+

Nichols Family Trust 05-29-1996 to Nichols, Thomas Dee Str 21-40-31 //Nw

Nichols, Wilbur to Cayer, Mark Lt 8 Country South Ext. #3

Kauffman, Kenneth C to Kauffman, Kenneth C. Str 7-39-30 //Se

Burr, Newell R. to Burr, Nicholas Str 22-39-33 //Ne

Marriage License

Oerke, Garrett Marvin and Morris, Serenity Rose

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