Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Important Information From Countywide Disposal

Important Updates- Please read! 

Weather: Please stay tuned to Mid America Live or the Countywide Disposal Facebook Page. At this point all routes will run as usual and trash days will not be affected. 

However, the safety of our employees is most important and if roads become unsafe to travel on, or impassable, your trash day will be delayed 1 week. If this is to happen, please leave out the extra trash next week and our crew will take it.

Frozen Trash: It’s that time of year that trash freezes to the bottom of tip carts and dumpsters. For safety reasons, our crew will not be digging this out of your dumpster. Leave the trash there, and when temps rise above freezing, the loose trash will come out. Bagging your trash will significantly reduce this issue.

Holiday Schedule: Since Christmas and New Years fall on the weekend, your trash day will NOT be affected.

Bill Due Date: Friendly reminder, all trash bills are due prior to 1/1/2023. In order to prevent your trash service from being suspended, please take time before then to call it in, mail a check, or pay online.

Our Team would like to thank everyone who has left gifts or goodies out for them. They truly appreciate it!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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