Friday, December 30, 2022

LBT Announces Retirement of Becky Blackford

LBT Announces Retirement of Becky Blackford

Becky Blackford will be retiring from Lamar Bank & Trust Company, following 27 years of service. Blackford began her career with LBT in 1995 as a cashier, while Ray Little was president of the bank. In January of 2016, Blackford took on the roll as executive vice president and chief operating officer.

“I don’t have words to express the gratitude I have to Lamar Bank & Trust for hiring me back in 1995 and giving me so many opportunities during the past 27 years,” said Blackford. Adding, “LBT is truly a great place to work. I have worked with wonderful people and that is what I’m going to miss the most when I’m gone”.

Blackford has some projects planned and a little travel in the future, mentioning that there are several things she’d like to try her hand at. “The good news is that if I try something and don’t enjoy it, I can move on to something else!” she emphasized. She is also looking forward to having her grandkids over more as well.

“Becky is one of those people that everyone dreams about working with – loyal, does her job extremely well, is completely selfless and gets along with everyone, said Pat O’Neal, president and chief executive officer at Lamar Bank and Trust. He added, “She has done a great job as our board secretary, with our operations area and leading us through countless conversions.”

O’Neal said that for several years Blackford was an officer and board member of the Central States User Group for the bank’s core processor, Jack Henry, and that “Her talents and personality will be missed at the bank, but we couldn't be happier for her and wish her a happy, healthy and lengthy retirement”.

Blackford’s last day will be Friday, Dec. 30. The LBT staff would like to wish Becky all the best and want her to know she will truly be missed.

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