Friday, December 16, 2022

Let's Help Dedra Pugh

Ok family and friends please help spread the word!!! She is a strong wife, mother and grandma that needs our help/support to help her through this battle! She will get money out of every t-shirt sold! 

But if u don’t want the T-shirt she is in need of any kind of support towards gas, medical bills, food, hotel stays etc.!

Below is a summary of her battle before and current! Anything helps please spread the word!

When she was 17 and pregnant when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, don't remember stage but they froze it off. Then my colon cancer was stage 3 found in May 2021. 

She ended up beating it w her last chemo as of May 2022. Kidney cancer started as just cyst and they watched for a year and nodules changed and so they took half her right kidney it was only stage 1. Now they found spots in both lower lobes of lungs. Biopsy surgery scheduled for Dec 21st. 

Liver has been being watched since 2016 and nodules are changing. Now colon cancer is back found by 2 positive signetera blood draws and now pet scan. 

She starts first chemo treatment on Dec27,2022 

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