Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Public Service Announcement from Countywide Disposal

With the holidays approaching, we often get asked ”what can I do at the holidays to thank my trash collection driver and helper?” Here are some ideas- thank you in advance!

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us. As you make your list and check it twice, don’t forget those who serve the community all year long.

The individuals providing curbside service and sanitation services are always there when we need them. Rain or shine, oppressive heat or frigid cold, we count on them to collect our waste by the truckload. Let’s show them some appreciation this holiday season!

Here are some small ways you can say “Thanks!” for all they do.

Leave a Tip. Say “Thank you” and “Happy Holidays” with a gift card. Whether it’s for a coffee shop, local business or your favorite restaurant, your garbage man will certainly appreciate the treat.

Say Thanks. Say thank you in person or with a card. You can even download and print the card yourself or, if you have small children, have them help make one. No matter what form it comes in, your garbage man will appreciate being appreciated.

Prepare a treat. Bottled water or yummy snacks, like fresh cookies, are another great and simple gift. You can hand them to your garbage man yourself or leave them out with a note or sign. Either way, it’s sure to brighten their day. Wouldn’t you love to show up to work and get a treat?

However you do it, be sure to thank the individuals who keep our neighborhoods clean.

Thank you for helping Countywide Disposal thank our team who make the “Trash Magically disappear” every week!

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