Friday, January 20, 2023

Attention Countywide Disposal Customers in Butler & Adrian

ATTN: Butler & Adrian residents within city limits. All houses should have a trash can, if not please call our office and we will bring one by. 

For those of you who have less trash and need a smaller tip cart, please call our office as well so we can swap it out for you. You will continue paying for your trash through the city utility department just as you have been for many years.
We understand there has been some confusion with the changes and we apologize for that. Please understand your city councils as well as Countywide Disposal are working hard to keep your towns clean in an efficient way. 

We've had several phone calls complimenting how nice the city streets look with matching cans rather than miss matched cans and ripped open bags on the ground. Thank you to those for the nice calls.
Please put all the trash and cardboard in the tip cart provided to make it easier on our crew as the routes are being run with an automated truck that has a arm to pick up the containers. If you have extra trash, please put it in the containers you've been using or set the bags beside the green tip cart. 

If we are unable to dump your extra can and you produce an abundance of trash on a weekly basis, the driver will be dropping extra tip carts where he determines needed as he goes through his route.
Butler Residents: a recycle bin will be finished soon and set in town for those of you who want to recycle cardboard, #1&2 plastic, and glass. Once we confirm date and location of this service, we will make that public.

Lee McLain

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