Friday, January 27, 2023

Bates County Sheriff's Deputies going above and beyond!

We wanted to share a message we received earlier today and to say Thank You to the Citizen that send us this message.
“Your deputies paused their lunch break to take pictures with the little boy I babysit. They got Griff out to meet him. Even gave him a badge. I'd love to share the pic with you if you would like it. We so appreciate their kindness!!!! Made Coopers day!”
What they my not have known at the time was that just an hour before this picture was taken, these deputies were involved in pursuing a career criminal in a vehicle and on foot. 

Deputy Griff was in full on “fur missile mode” and ready to forcefully apprehend the criminal. 

We are told though that it took a few poses to get this picture because K9 Griff has a soft side for good kids and kept licking him.

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