Saturday, January 21, 2023

Butler Bears Wrestling shows out at Lathrop Invitational Tournament

The Butler Bears Wresting Team competed today in the Lathrop Invitational Wrestling Tournament:

106 lbs:
1st Place - Garrett Beane of Lathrop
2nd Place - Daxton McGinnis of Richmond
3rd Place - Canton Wilkins of West Platte
4th Place - Don Tran of Brentwood
5th Place - Georgan Happy of Richmond 2
6th Place - Remington Miller of Albany
7th Place - Robert Cox of Lawson
8th Place - Dominick Cantrell of Butler

120 lbs:
1st Place - Zach Conner of Lafayette Co.
2nd Place - Gage DeShon of Lathrop
3rd Place - Declan Cockrum of Richmond
4th Place - Jason Jones of Brentwood
5th Place - Caleb Lucas of Rockport
6th Place - Drake Schmidt of Versailles
7th Place - JD Summers of Lathrop2
8th Place - Chance McGee of Polo
9th Place - Garrett Novak of Lawson
10th Place - Breydan Heckadon of Butler

126 lbs:
1st Place - Madix Hutchings of Richmond
2nd Place - Augustus Heintz of Rockport
3rd Place - Gage Judd of Versailles
4th Place - Preston Mallatt of Butler
5th Place - Jesse Lane of Brentwood
6th Place - Gabe Provin of Lathrop
7th Place - Jhett Chandler of West Platte
8th Place - Ian Chapin of Truman
9th Place - Christian Fisher of Carrolton
10th Place - Jacob Clark of Lathrop2
11th Place - Aydan Frerking of Lafayette Co.
12th Place - Cameron Martin of Albany
13th Place - Laren Dietz of Lawson
14th Place - Kohen Trammell of South Harrison

132 lbs:
1st Place - Damian Alkire of Butler
2nd Place - Matthew Radefeld of Versailles
3rd Place - Brady Hyder of Richmond
4th Place - Mason Mudd of Lathrop
5th Place - Miller Chantharasy of Brentwood
6th Place - Colton DePetre (Connor) of West Platte
7th Place - Lane Mason of Rockport
8th Place - Andres Jones of Truman
9th Place - Seth Stricklin of Summit Christian
10th Place - Jacob Simon of Polo
11th Place - Jorden Rennison of Carrolton

138 lbs:
1st Place - Kellen Long of Butler
2nd Place - Drew Wilson of Lawson
3rd Place - Caden Deeney of Truman
4th Place - McKanan Reade of West Platte
5th Place - Kyler Simon of Lathrop
6th Place - Haidynn Rogers of Versailles
7th Place - Zackary Stewart of Carrolton
8th Place - Kaeden Thomas of Polo
9th Place - Mason Dunwoodie of Richmond
10th Place - Michael Ventimiglia of Brentwood
11th Place - Hayden Murphy of Summit Christian

144 lbs:
1st Place - Brendin Patrick of Butler
2nd Place - Elias Chapin of Truman
3rd Place - Conner Menke of Lawson
4th Place - Peyson Chandler of West Platte
5th Place - Keaton Coots of Lathrop
6th Place - Dalton Gatrel of Polo
7th Place - Kane Rainey of Versailles
8th Place - Brendon Hoover of South Harrison
9th Place - Memphis Hinton of Summit Christian
10th Place - Samuel Camarillo of Guadalupe Centers Charter
11th Place - Trenton Wallace of Rockport
12th Place - John White of Brentwood

150 lbs:
1st Place - Thomas Ross of Polo
2nd Place - Zane Rippy of Albany
3rd Place - Gabriel Baker of Richmond
4th Place - Cohen Wilson of Butler
5th Place - Christopher Dowell of Versailles
6th Place - Tristan Newkirk of West Platte
7th Place - Beau McAdams of Lathrop
8th Place - Jericho Vahle of Truman
9th Place - Ethan Smith of South Harrison
10th Place - John Godley of Lawson
11th Place - Grant Self of Summit Christian
12th Place - David Barron of Guadalupe Centers Charter

157 lbs:
1st Place - Jeramiah Smith of Summit Christian
2nd Place - Elijah Sanders of Richmond
3rd Place - Kota Triplett of Lawson
4th Place - Carson Clay of Lathrop
5th Place - Ty Claypole of Polo
6th Place - Jerrid Bunten of Albany
7th Place - Ethan Stewart of Carrolton
8th Place - William Ratliff of Lafayette Co.
9th Place - Wyatt Burks of Versailles
10th Place - Bryson Kash of Butler
11th Place - Scott Abbott of Lathrop2
12th Place - Quentin Jackson of Rockport

175 lbs:
1st Place - Isaac Rodriguez of Butler
2nd Place - Isaiah Myers of Lafayette Co.
3rd Place - William Dobbins of Versailles
4th Place - David Brown of West Platte
5th Place - Andrew Wiles of Albany
6th Place - Logan Treloar of Truman
7th Place - Sam Litherbury of Tarkio
9th Place - Mason Covey of Richmond
10th Place - Junior Bowersock of Carrolton

190 lbs:
1st Place - Aidan Ivison of Richmond
2nd Place - Mayson Edwards of South Harrison
3rd Place - Caleb Colatrella of Lathrop
4th Place - Huntley Mather of Lawson
5th Place - Shane Bright of Versailles
6th Place - Zayne Nuzum of Butler
7th Place - Luca Gould of Brentwood
8th Place - Garrett Moritz of West Platte
9th Place - Hunter Harris of Polo
10th Place - Ben Mason of Lafayette Co.
11th Place - Tanner Rollins of Tarkio
12th Place - Zach Butler of Summit Christian

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