Friday, January 6, 2023

State Farm student athlete of the week Butler Junior Carter Trumbore

We are super happy to announce this weeks State Farm student athlete of the week, junior, Carter Trumbore. Carter plays for the Butler Bears basketball team. He was nominated by his Head Coach Joshua Dawson. On Tuesday Carter led his team in scoring with 28 points leading to a win against Warsaw. This is when he reached the milestone of scoring his 1000th career point. Thursday Carter came out with another good game against Adrian having his game high of 46 points. 

When we asked Carter how he stays motivated to continue playing basketball he stated, "I have always had a strong love for this game. I want to play to the best of my ability and be successful. A huge help is I surround myself with really good people. They support me and allow me to chase my dreams." We then asked him what he thought was the toughest aspect of being an athlete. Carter told us, "balancing everything is very difficult. 

You have practices and games, but still have to keep your focus on school. Making time for schoolwork can become challenging. Also, having your own time to practice and better yourself. Finding a balance between all of that is super important." With athlete of the week we look for athletes who have good sportsmanship, teamwork, etc. However, it isn't just about the athletes ability, but their character outside of sports. 

We like to see athletes that not only excel playing sports, but in the outside world too. Looking for that we asked Carter how he believed athletics played a role in his daily life. He explained to us, "playing sports builds a lot of characteristics. You learn leadership, time management, and even build friendships. 

The list of things you gain from sports continues on. To me basketball has brought me way more than just the love for the game itself and I am thankful for that.” It was fun speaking to Carter and we want to congratulate him for his accomplishments! We wish him and the rest of the team the best of luck on their season!

Pictured left to right: Kellie Davidson, State Farm; Coach Dawson; Carter Trumbore, son of Troy and Leigh Trumbore; Baylie Pitts, State Farm.

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