Friday, January 20, 2023

State Farm Student Athlete of the week Archie Whirlwind Brock Smith

We are excited to announce this week’s State Farm Student Athlete of the week, junior Brock Smith from Archie. Brock plays basketball for the Archie Whirlwinds. Brock was nominated by his head coach Brian Tenholder.

Coach Tenholder said, "Brock's stats have made key contributions to our teams outcome. He is a hard worker and has a big presence inside on both ends of the floor.

He currently attends Cass Career Center half of the day to pursue a career in welding." We asked Brock what he liked about being a part of a team sport. He stated, “it's a good brotherhood. We all work hard together and play good together. We have a super strong friendship allowing it to be fun.” We asked him to state what it takes to be an elite athlete.

He replied with, "it is about knowing the game you are playing. Having a strong knowledge allows you to know what your teammates are doing.

You can guide them and help lead them to the correct things. You have to have leadership and know how too overcome things not just for yourself but for your team." Finally, we asked Brock if he had anything he wanted to accomplish before the season was over. He said, "I really want to win the conference and districts. Also, getting a dunk in a game would be fun." We wish Brock and his team the best of luck finishing their season!

Pictured left to right: Kellie Davidson, State Farm; Head Coach Brian Tenholder; Brock Smith, son of Jay and Julie Smith; Baylie Pitts, State Farm.

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