Thursday, January 12, 2023

Way to go Rachelle

Adrian alumnus Rachelle Gardner-Roe (1999) is one of 28 local artists selected to have artwork displayed at KCI’s new single terminal airport. With more than 1,900 total submissions for the project, the chosen finalists represent a diverse group of artists commissioned for new works to become part of the permanent collection at the Kansas City International Airport.

“My commission for the new airport is a textile work titled Fly-over Country: The Wild Side. Over 15' wide, it consists of three panels of vibrantly hand-dyed sheep and alpaca wool from the family farm outside of Adrian” said Rachelle.

“Leaning into the moniker our region sometimes gets from our bi-coastal friends, I chose to highlight plant and animal life that can be found in the Missouri and Kansas region of our so-called flyover country.”

“This work and my textile work, in general, is a way of sharing my love and fostering an appreciation of the natural world. I believe that the best way we can take care of our ecosystem is to first care for it and the wild variety of life just is endlessly fascinating and amazing!”

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