Friday, February 24, 2023

Adrian School was on lockdown today

Today at approximately 12pm the Bates County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by another county in reference to two wanted subjects that was reportedly in the Adrian area. 

That county developed information that the wanted subjects were in the immediate area of the Adrian School. The wanted subjects we reportedly suicidal and had made threats to law enforcement stating they would force law enforcement into a “suicide by cop” scenario.
It was determined by law enforcement administration to place the Adrian School into a lockdown situation. Law enforcement from Bates county Sheriffs Office, Adrian PD and the Missouri State Highway Patrol flooded the immediate area around the school. Extra deputies were called in to assist until either the subjects were in custody or additional information was received regarding a better location of the subjects.

For the next two hours investigators and Communications Officers from Bates County worked with the other county to continue to share information on the potential location of the subjects.
At approximately 1:30pm it was determined that those two subjects were not in the Adrian vicinity but potentially three counties away. Law enforcement command met and agreed that it was prudent to release the Adrian School from its lockdown.
No further information regarding the two wanted subjects will be released as it’s an ongoing investigation for the other agency and may interfere with their ability to located and apprehend the subjects in a safe manner.

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