Friday, February 10, 2023

Attention Miami R-I Parents/Community

Miami R-I Parents/Community,

Recently, discussion around public schools and 4-day school weeks has been thrust to the forefront of Missouri politics. With the current legislative session underway in Jefferson City, the topic of 4-day school weeks has been cast into potential limbo. Legislation was introduced that would eliminate the 4-day school week and require all Missouri districts to return to a 174 day/5-day week schedule.

Currently, the state practices the doctrine of local control in regard to many aspects of public education. However, with the introduction of this new language, Miami R-I, along with 145 other Missouri Districts, will be forced to abandon the 4-day option. Miami transitioned to a 4 day student school week nearly 10 years ago and has enjoyed much success during this time. 

Recently, the district calendar committee completed the recommended calendar for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year which is based on the 4-day week as the foundation. Local control and local decisions continue to drive much of what Miami R-I finds to be successful in preparing our students for the opportunities of tomorrow.

School administrators across the state are being told that members of the Missouri Legislature want to hear from parents and community members concerning the potential legislation. They are interested in learning how the 4-day school week has impacted you and your child. I would encourage you to contact your senator and representative and share you experience as to the 4-day school week. We are fortunate we live in a society that supports input and accepts varying opinions. Please take the time and advocate for your views and support education and your community as you see appropriate.

Educationally Yours,
Dr. Daniel Johnson
Miami R-I School District

Senator Rick Brattin: 573-751-2108
Representative Sherri Gallick: 573-751-1344

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