Saturday, February 18, 2023

Class 1 District 2 Boys High School Wrestling Results

The Class 1 District 2 Wrestling was held yesterday and today in Versailles, Missouri. View the following results below: 

1st Place - Jayce Estes of Warsaw
2nd Place - Carter Dumas of Adrian
3rd Place - Tucker Tune of Fatima
4th Place - Wyatt Weekly of Sherwood

1st Place - Brandon Brewer of Versailles
2nd Place - Mason Grosz of Knob Noster
3rd Place - Alek Tune of Fatima
4th Place - Breydon Pelt of Diamond

1st Place - Daylen Greene of Holden
2nd Place - Levi Wilhelm of Knob Noster
3rd Place - Nolan Laux of Fatima
4th Place - Drake Schmidt of Versailles

1st Place - Cody Strope of Fatima
2nd Place - Preston Mallatt of Butler
3rd Place - Gage Judd of Versailles
4th Place - Mason Smith of Sherwood

1st Place - Payton Arnold of Knob Noster
2nd Place - Damian Alkire of Butler
3rd Place - Blake Eads of Sherwood
4th Place - Dalton Doss of Tipton

1st Place - Kellen Long of Butler
2nd Place - Blayze McCullough of El Dorado Springs
3rd Place - Benjamin Breeding of Sherwood
4th Place - Kale Tryon of Holden

1st Place - Brendin Patrick of Butler
2nd Place - Elijah Avery of Knob Noster
3rd Place - Noah Kinney of South Callaway
4th Place - Kyle Shockley of Sherwood

1st Place - Nick Bagley of Warsaw
2nd Place - Logan Ferrell of Sherwood
3rd Place - Justice Vickers of Adrian
4th Place - Ayden Munford of South Callaway

1st Place - Michael McCoy of Adrian
2nd Place - Drake Murrell of Warsaw
3rd Place - Wyatt Burks of Versailles
4th Place - Wyatt VanGordon of El Dorado Springs

1st Place - Christian Whisler of Tipton
2nd Place - Blake Esparza of El Dorado Springs
3rd Place - Houston Fahrenbocker of Versailles
4th Place - Josh Harvath of Warsaw

1st Place - Isaac Rodriguez of Butler
2nd Place - William Dobbins of Versailles
3rd Place - Eli Ferrell of Sherwood
4th Place - C.J. Reifsteck of Holden

1st Place - Jence Griffith of Adrian
2nd Place - Trey Payne of Knob Noster
3rd Place - Elijah Benningfield of South Callaway
4th Place - Brayden Clement of Diamond

1st Place - Tristin Gavette of Versailles
2nd Place - Matthew Esparza of El Dorado Springs
3rd Place - Alexis Anguiano of California
4th Place - Trevor Herzing of Fatima

1st Place - William Brown of Adrian
2nd Place - Montana Hacker of El Dorado Springs
3rd Place - Gavin Brantley of Versailles
4th Place - David Schneider of California

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