Friday, February 24, 2023

Class 1 Missouri State High School Wrestling State Championship Results:

106 Class 1
1st Place - Garrett Beane of Lathrop
2nd Place - Andrew Garcia of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
3rd Place - Bryson Dubes of Centralia
4th Place - Eli Sperry of Gallatin
5th Place - Trayce Switzer of Brookfield
6th Place - Luke Lawson of Palmyra

113 Class 1
1st Place - Christopher Ankenman of Father Tolton Catholic
2nd Place - Drew Griffin of Marceline
3rd Place - Alex Martin of Penney
4th Place - Brandon Brewer of Versailles
5th Place - Alek Tune of Fatima
6th Place - Mason Grosz of Knob Noster

120 Class 1
1st Place - Brayden Dubes of Centralia
2nd Place - Daylen Greene of Holden
3rd Place - Cooper Berry of Maysville
4th Place - Gage DeShon of Lathrop
5th Place - Dillan Chisam of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
6th Place - Tennison Nixdorf of Penney

126 Class 1
1st Place - Peyton Parn of Brookfield
2nd Place - Weston Ward of Centralia
3rd Place - Cody Strope of Fatima
4th Place - Preston Mallatt of Butler
5th Place - Frank Ruether of Father Tolton Regional Catholic
6th Place - Jesse Lane of Brentwood

132 Class 1
1st Place - Noah Gonzalez of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
2nd Place - Gambal Staddie of Brookfield
3rd Place - Lane Kimbley of North Callaway
4th Place - Jesse Shannon of Centralia
5th Place - Blake Eads of Sherwood
6th Place - Brody Narron of Father Tolton Regional Catholic

138 Class 1
1st Place - 
Marco Dalakishvili of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
2nd Place - Rex Bryson of Centralia
3rd Place - Kellen Long of Butler
4th Place - Brayden Hughs of Trenton
5th Place - Draken Bennett of Maysville
6th Place - Blayze McCullough of El Dorado Springs

144 Class 1
1st Place - Brendin Patrick of Butler
2nd Place - Hunter Mcatee of Trenton
3rd Place - Conner Quinn of Marceline
4th Place - Conner Menke of Lawson
5th Place - Elijah Avery of Knob Noster
6th Place - Keaton Coots of Lathrop

150 Class 1
1st Place - Collin Arch of Palmyra
2nd Place - Colton Parn of Brookfield
3rd Place - Nick Bagley of Warsaw
4th Place - Braxton Ernst of Lafayette County
5th Place - Justus Martin of Father Tolton Catholic
6th Place - Peyson Chandler of West Platte

157 Class 1
1st Place - Elijah Sanders of Richmond
2nd Place - Jeramiah Smith of Summit Christian Academy
3rd Place - Kyden Wilkerson of Centralia
4th Place - Michael McCoy of Adrian
5th Place - Eli Henry of North Callaway
6th Place - Brendan Barton of Maysville

165 Class 1
1st Place - Brayden Shelton of Centralia
2nd Place - William(Frank) Hazelrigg of Father Tolton Catholic
3rd Place - Kendrell Carter of Brookfield
4th Place - Kavan Slater of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
5th Place - Blake Esparza of El Dorado Springs
6th Place - Seth Sims of Lexington

175 Class 1
1st Place - Devan Parn of Brookfield
2nd Place - Ryder Gooch of Marceline
3rd Place - Jackson Rotterman of St. Pius X (Kansas City)
4th Place - John Newton of Summit Christian Academy
5th Place - Isaac Rodriguez of Butler
6th Place - Logan Bottcher of Gallatin

190 Class 1
1st Place - Sam Gibson of Trenton
2nd Place - Max Heintz of Maysville
3rd Place - Trey Payne of Knob Noster
4th Place - Elijah Benningfield of South Callaway
5th Place - Aidan Ivison of Richmond
6th Place - Ty Blakey of Central (New Madrid County)

215 Class 1
1st Place - Fisher Nixdorf of Penney
2nd Place - Caden Munson of Lafayette County
3rd Place - Tristin Gavette of Versailles
4th Place - Dakota Rankin of Plattsburg
5th Place - Lane Scott of West Platte
6th Place - Scout Gooch of Marceline

285 Class 1
1st Place - Seth Hasekamp of Centralia
2nd Place - Dawson Miller of Penney
3rd Place - Gabriel Parker of Gallatin
4th Place - Konnor Watkins of Maysville
5th Place - Jarrett Eivins of South Harrison
6th Place - Larry Penniston of Richmond

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