Monday, February 13, 2023

Council discusses proposed RV park

Just prior to the February 7 Butler city council meeting, Ward 1 councilman Tim Young tendered his resignation citing conflicts with his employer. The council will be able to maintain quorum until his seat can be filled following the April 4 election.

Guest Pat Simons appeared before the council following a meeting held by the planning commission regarding a proposed RV park to be located along West street. The council will move forward on the matter in the upcoming February 21 regular meeting.

Kaysinger rep Ryan Peters spoke before the council with an update regarding the much needed comprehensive plan and it appears progress is running behind on the project. Peters says he will be attending all upcoming meetings with updates and needed information.

A public safety meeting was held just prior to the council session and it was reported that discussions are ongoing regarding chickens in the city, as well as putting together some type of cat ordinance. However, for now any matters regarding felines will be handled on a case by case/compliant basis.

   A conditional use permit was approved for property at 200 E. Dakota street. Jason Fischer is planning to operate a small engine shop at the location requiring the permit due to zoning in the area.

   All is well regarding the territorial agreement signed between the city and Osage Valley as the Missouri Public Service approved the agreement to be effective March 3 and now construction may be completed for a residence just south of the city limits. The same agreement should be beneficial in future situations where the city of Butler has an opportunity to provide power where it may be cost prohibitive for Osage Valley.

   Remember the Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays, 7 pm, upstairs at city hall. An elevator is available as needed the the public is always highly encouraged to attend.

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