Thursday, February 23, 2023

It takes a village….

Miami, we asked you to show up last night. THANK YOU fans for being present and loud! Even though the outcome wasn’t what we wanted the boys played hard to the end. Some Drexel fans/athletes thought they would get the win handed to them. However, you proved them wrong with only an 8 point loss.

THANK YOU Coach Hair and varsity teams for your perseverance during this season. There is more to sports than the win. Character, mental toughness, and working as a team was built throughout the season with several obstacles along the way. We are proud of what you accomplished. Hold your heads high!

This past weekend Miami Junior Athletics hosted the first round of the end of season tournament on Saturday. This was not an easy task with over 26 games to be played throughout the day. Keep in mind that this would not have even been an option if the patrons of this district didn’t support the building of the new gym.

THANK YOU patrons! There were over 400 people in and out of our building looking at how nice, clean, and up to date our district is. THANK YOU Bob Gray and your custodian crew Bob Herrick, Crystal Good, and Amanda McConnell! You all do your jobs very well. This event also allowed Project Prom to have an additional fund raiser to provide food, games, and gifts for each Junior/Senior after prom.

THANK YOU Tara Tidman, Amanda Nieder, Jenny Yanonis, and Robbie and Tabitha Vunovich for your time spent preparing, working, and organizing the fundraisers! The seniors’ fundraiser is the concession stand. They worked their tails off making sure the line was kept short and food was prepared to go. However, with the high volume of spectators they still needed more man power.

THANK YOU Jesse and Jamie Fairbairn, Ashley Skaggs, Melanie Schaller, Riley Fairbairn, the Harrimans (Lori and Taylor) and the Downs (Molly and Abby) for stepping in to help! Finally, thank you to the MJA board members Jesse Fairbairn, Josh Nieder, Devyn Hair, Erin Wise (and Ian for keeping up with so.much.trash) and Ashley Skaggs for hosting this event. Every group made this tournament a success with limited and shared villagers.

THANK YOU volunteers for the endless amount of time you give for our students. It has not gone unnoticed! It takes a village and we have some dedicated villagers.

Lynn Bagby
Athletic Director

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