Friday, February 17, 2023

Solved: Murder on the Butler square


As mobster Vincenzo Maranzano and fiance Francesca Delorosso prepare to tie the knot, there’s trouble brewing between the two mafia families which ultimately results in a murder. An investigation begins as ‘the Bishop’, known for his expertise regarding these matters within the mafia, takes everyone through twists and turns until an unlikely suspect is finally proven to be the perpetrator. 

And who was that? Only a select few who attended a very special murder mystery dinner play at the Luna Unbra Winery located on the Butler square February 8th know who that person was, sorry.

The show was presented by the Levity Players Group home based in Fort Scott Kansas before about 20 onlookers at the winery who anxiously, yet patiently, hung on until the mystery was solved- surely feeling lucky they never experienced the problems of Vincenzo and Francesca. 

The Levity Players Group is the brainchild of founder Greg Marino who has written some 24 shows over a span of about 20 years; and with some 5 other actors bring the murder mystery shows to smaller venues that span from Jefferson City to Manhattan, Wichita and beyond. While there is a script, “80% of our dialogue is impromptu” said Marino in an interview this week “There’s a lot of interaction with our audience as the evening begins with LPG actors serving dinner and priming guests for what’s to come.” He went on to say that while most is impromptu, attention stays focused on every detail and the actors always  stay in character.

Such attention to detail is what keeps LPG quite busy October through April with their seasonal themes including the Valentines connection as presented at the winery this month. Marino has honed his 30 year acting career primarily in the Kansas City area and now is placing focus on murder mystery dinner plays that are completely family friendly and noted that there is no profane language or questionable situations in their presentations.

Luna Umbra owner Joanne Godfrey praised the performance while thanking actors and attendees alike in a recent Facebook post and yes, the Levity Player Group will be returning for another evening of suspense at the winery on Friday, April 14. On that night, “Magna” will be performed detailing a college graduation party celebrating a daughter with a 4.0 GPA and son who, well, isn’t so academically inclined but still managed to graduate. And yes, there will be a murder.

That’s when investigator Louie ‘Gator’ Gateaux, who is quite skilled and an Army veteran, steps in to blow the lid off the case in using his unique style, coupled with quirks only a man called Gator could provide.

For more info on the April 14 show, keep watch on the Luna Umbra Winery Facebook page, email or call 660-679-0103. Likewise, the Levity Player Group can be found on Facebook and reached by email at

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