Friday, February 3, 2023

Special meeting for the City of Rich Hill set for February 9th

A special board meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on February 9th in the Kern Center to discuss entities wishing to occupy the ballfields. As is well known, the ballfields are public property free for all to use. 

For all to use creates a dilemma for entities holding events as an entity occupying that facility has no right to charge, dismiss, or control the facility unless a proper procedure has been followed.

To briefly address social media, a few points will be addressed:

Fact – the mayor and staff met with entities hosting baseball events at the ballfields

Fact – a fee for allowing control and usage that either the general public does not have, or limits access the general public has of the public property was discussed

Non-Fact – The established cost for allowing said guarantee. While a cost was discussed, the actual costs are not yet determined and thus the fee for granting the facilities agreements are not established. 

A preliminary contract was handed out with discussion of potential costs, but nothing in the preliminary contract was binding or agreed to by the board of alderman.

Usage of public property must be fair and equal for everyone. Any changes made should reflect that requirement.

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