Friday, February 10, 2023

State Farm Student Athlete of the week Louisburg Senior Adyson Ross

We are thrilled to announce this weeks State Farm student athlete of the week, senior, Adyson Ross. Adyson plays for the Louisburg Wildcats basketball team. She was nominated by her Head Coach Adrianne Lane. Adyson and her team have done really well this year. She's averaging about 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. We spoke with Adyson and asked her a few questions. 

Adyson plays multiple sports and we asked what she likes most about being a part of a team sport. She told us, "being a part of a team sport is more rewarding than an individual sport. The experiences are more fun, you get to share them with the team. Also, just being with your friends is fun." Athletes experience a lot of things and encounter many obstacles. 

We asked Adyson what she believed was the toughest aspect. Adyson told us, "the mental blocks that come with competing. For example, with basketball sometimes you aren't making shots or in volleyball you can't pass ball. 

You get in your own head. You have to overcome these mental blocks because your team needs you." Lastly, we asked her what it takes to be an elite athlete. She confidently said, "the ones who work the hardest when nobody is watching. You're doing something in practice even when your coach is turned away. Pushing your teammates and competing with them. 

Little things like being first in sprints to compete and push others. It's the hard work and dedication." It was a pleasure to drive down to Louisburg and visit with Adyson today. Our office would like to wish her and her teammates the best of luck as their season is coming to the end.

Pictured left to right: Kellie Davidson, State Farm; Coach Lane; Adyson Ross, daughter of Adam and Jill Ross; Baylie Pitts, State Farm.

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