Sunday, February 26, 2023

Structure fire yesterday in Nevada

Yesterday around 1400 hours your Nevada Firefighters were called to the 800 block of North Commercial for a house on fire. 

C-Shift responded with Engine 212 and Rescue 214 each with 2 personnel. (R214 was out on a medical.) Chief Denney responded and arrived on scene to find a house that has burned multiple times on fire.

The on duty crew knocked down the outside fire and then moved inside to extinguish the room and attic space. Quint 216 and truck 210 responded with 3 total off duty fire personnel.

Thank you to Milo and Compton Junction for Mutual Aid and assisting on scene. We had to respond Rescue 214 on a rollover down by Sheldon in the middle of the house fire.

C-Shift Responded to 10 calls yesterday, 3 times while on a call they were toned out for another emergency call.

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