Monday, February 13, 2023

The Museum Minute: Love triangle ends badly

Courtesy of the Bates County Museum 802 Elks Drive, Butler Mo 64730 (660) 679-0134

Herrman’s Historical Happenings week of February 15

1881 Smallpox has reached epidemic proportions in Eastern Bates Co and Henry Co.

1889 Fire destroys the magnificent Walton Opera House on the Southwest corner of the Butler square. Five other businesses were destroyed. If Butler would have had a waterworks, it might have been saved.

1904 John Cluck & Spot Smiley shoot & kill each other over the affections of Pat Maddox, Rockville.

1927 The Butler city council gives $200 to the American Legion to place two granite blocks on the Northwest corner where the Legion will put a World War statue.

1933 Bates Co Sheriff has a new gun. It’s a short barrel 12 gauge shotgun to fire regular or tear gas shells.

1960 Dr. Nathan Masor joins Dr. Charles Lusk, in the offices over the Butler State Bank on the Northeast corner of the square.

1965 Wayne Beckham & Eddie Herrman form the Beckham-Herrman Insurance Agency at 204 N. Main st, Butler.

2000 In a nationally televised “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire” Darva Conger is chosen to wed a millionaire, Rick Rockwell, who turns out to be a fraud. Darva is the niece of Carmen Bohanan of Butler and is appearing on several talk shows.

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