Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Update: Littlejohn now in custody in Benton County

Nicholas Scott Littlejohn was apprehended near 38311 VV Highway at 12:42 AM 02/08/23 due to the efforts of teamwork involving the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Pettis County K9 teams, MSHP troopers and MSHP air unit. 

Littlejohn was called in by a homeowner allowing us a fresh start on our hunt. Littlejohn has plagued the South end of our county for some time. That ended this morning!

James E. Shaw III, 45 of Edwards, was also arrested last evening for his involvement in the Littlejohn thefts. I am confident that at least one or more arrest will be forthcoming in the near future for the others that are involved. I will keep you posted as information becomes available. 

Thank you to all who were involved this morning. We have a fantastic team!

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