Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Bates County Real Estate Transfers and Marriage Licenses

Hankins, Keri to Morales, Fernando Joe Lt 1 Bl 78 Rich Hill, Original Town Of+

Wilcox, Paul to Hankins, Donald W Jr Lt 2 Bl 28 Sperrys Addn+

Otter, Alexandra to Otter, Kimberly S. Str 18-40-29 //Ne+

Mcculley, Frank L (Trustee) to Grishow, Brian Str 13-42-31 //Ne

Skocy, Richard L. to Skocy, Richard  Lt 7 Bl 18 Town Company’s First Addn+

Henderson, Darlene to Henderson, Brian R. Str 22-42-34 //Ne

Chandler, Robert E (Trustee) to Copeland, Jerry M Str 12-39-32

Scifers Family Trust 06-02-1999 to Rush, Janet A Lt 42 Swaidner’s Addn

Mitchell, Rick to Enos, Timothy A. Str 33-42-31 //Sw

Mitchell, Rick to Ritter, Lawrence E. (Trustee) Str 33-42-31 //Sw

Copeland, Jerry M to Chandler, Robert E (Trustee) Str 12-39-32

Franklin, James H. to Pike Rental Properties, LLC Lt 20 Town Company’s First Addn+

Kidwell, James C. to Kidwell, James C. Trust 02-21-2023 Str 2-41-32 //Ne

Simons, Patrick A. to Hernandez, Cecelia A. Lt 3 Bl 25 Butler, Original Town Of+

3rd Street Lofts, LLC to Ranch Of Hope LLC Lt 105 Town Company’s First Addn+

Talbott, Spencer Mclain to Crawford, James W. Jr. Str 5-38-31 //Nw

Lacy, Bryan H. Jr to Lacy, Bryan H. Jr Str 21-42-32 //Sw

Baldwin, James W to Cruz, Jason Lt 1 Bl 13 Butler, Original Town Of+

Swope, Donald R to Swope’s Drive In, LLC Lt 1 Bl 68 Town Company’s First Addn+

Rush, S. Margaret to Rush, S. Margaret Trust 02-27-2023 Lt 49 Country South+

Kendrick, Carolyn to Kendrick, Carolyn Lt 43 Town Company’s First Addn+

Vazquez, Albert to Sargent, Lance E Lt 4 Bl 8 William’s Addn+

De La Torre Restaurant Group LLC to TLC Hidden Treasures LLC Bl 14 Montgomery’s Second Addn

Himes, Michael to Dillon, Dakota Str 7-41-30 //Nw

Castle 2020 LLC to Dos Toros Ranch LLC Lt 10 Bl 18 Amoret, Original Town Of+

Sargent, Lance E to Van Voorst, Aziah  Lt 2 Bl 7 Thompsons Addn

Marriage License: None

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