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Brendin Breaks Records: a Historical High School Career Coming to an End By Cody Morris

Brendin Patrick, a Senior at Butler High School, has been rewriting the Butler history books for the last four years as a historically great wrestler. Patrick is not only the best wrestler in Butler, but for back to back years now Brendin has been the best wrestler in the state of Missouri. 

Brendin has captured two consecutive state wrestling titles for the Bears, the only Bear Wrestler to ever accomplish such a feat. “It feels amazing knowing I made history at Butler High School”, Brendin told Mid-America Live news.

Back to back titles is just the tip of the iceberg for Brendin as his list of accomplishments during his standout career is quite lengthy. Patrick is a 4x Conference Champion, a 3x District Champion, 3x State finalist, he has collected a 3rd place State medal, 21 regular season gold medals, 1 regular season silver medal, 2x District Wrestler of the year, 2x Academic All State. Patrick also holds the Butler record for most career wins with 170, and most pins in a single season. Brendin has been undefeated for two years in a row now for the Bears, going a combined 79-0 in his Junior and Senior year, and ending his career with a record of 170-4 over the last 4 years.

Patrick knew at a young age that he had a knack for conquering opponents on the mat, when asked when he realized that wrestling was something he excelled at and wanted to pursue, Patrick told Mid-America “I was gifted at a young age and my parents saw that. So they went to great lengths to allow me to be successful with this sport, they also never let me quit even when times were hard.” Even though he was gifted with an incredible skill set, Patrick knows that he wouldn’t have been able to have the historical career that he was without help and encouragement from others, “My parents kept me in the sport all these years and were my greatest supporters. I’ve also been blessed to have awesome coaches throughout the years that have been a big impact for my success,” Patrick says.

And while Patrick has been cheered on, coached and supported by many over the years, he has some undeniable inherent abilities that have proven to mold him into the nearly perfect wrestler that he has become. While talking about his greatest strengths as a wrestler, Patrick said, “definitely my body control, my hips, my speed, and reaction time. I’ve also been doing it for a very long time which gives me a lot of experience and technique.”

With such a historic run, Patrick still is able to stay humble while he puts in the hardwork and dedication it takes to become an elite talent. He has not suffered a loss in over 2 years now, and when asked about his mindset heading into each year, and if he goes into each year expecting to dominate and come out unbeaten, Patrick says, “my mindset each year is trying to achieve goals I set for myself. However, having that kind of mindset is nice to have but I was just focused on one match at a time for the most part.” Brendin is a stand-up young man who has not only the raw talent and a great support system, but also the drive to and dedication to be great, he says his biggest motivation is to achieve the goals he has set for himself and to just be successful in life. When asked if he has accomplished all of his goals, Patrick said “for sure! I exceeded all my expectations for High School. I actually surprised myself half the time.”

With a long list of accomplishments and achievements, it surely must be hard for Patrick to single out one moment that has stood out to him, but when asked about his favorite memory from wrestling, Patrick told us, “Definitely winning state both times and sharing both moments with family, coaches, and my awesome crowd/supporters.”

Patrick’s storied career has not come lacking struggles. However, every challenge that Patrick has faced, he has overcome. When asked what his biggest challenge has been, Brendin responded “Staying motivated because of all the weight cuts and pushing my body to the limits at times. Wrestling is a brutal sport mentally and physically, however it was all worth it at the end of the day.” Adversity and challenges do not deter this dedicated wrestler. Even in his final match of his career, as he found himself wrestling for a 2nd State Championship, Brendin was battling a thumb that was broken in two different places from the previous match. But even a broken thumb could not slow down the Champ, “I knew my thumb was really bad, however I couldn’t think about it and I had to block it out. I had one match left in my career and nothing was going to stop me from winning,” Patrick shares.

Brendin will graduate from Butler this year, but even as he leaves, his name is cemented in the School and State record books for decades to come. Patrick thinks his post-highschool plans might surprise some folks, as the senior tells Mid-America “I plan to get a bachelor’s degree in business/finance at Pittsburg State University. I do not plan on furthering my athletic career, it may be a shock for a lot of people. However I’ve thought about it a lot but I’ve been doing sports my whole life. I’m burnt out and I’ve got to do what makes myself happy. I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life. At the end of the day I’m going to college to get an education.”

Brendin ends the conversation with Mid-America by offering some advice to younger wrestlers looking to achieve success, saying “My advice to younger wrestlers is wrestling is a very hard sport, stick with it. Even if you’re not the best out there wrestling clicks for different people at different times, it may be hard, however wrestling will make you a better person and a better athlete.” Brendin is a talented and driven young man, and we wish him nothing but the best in all of his future endeavors as his remarkable and historical wrestling career has come to an end.

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