Monday, March 6, 2023

Clinton Man Found Guilty of Forcible Rape

Joseph Matthew Albin, 53, also known as “Nikki Blades” of Clinton, Missouri has been found guilty of Forcible Rape. He was further found to be a persistent and predatory sex offender as well as a persistent felony offender.

Prosecuting Attorney, LaChrisha Gray, filed the case against Albin in December 2021. The case, however, stems from events that occurred in 2009.

In 2009, Albin had a 16 year old female girl at his home that he shared with several others to assist him in the care of several smaller children overnight.

At some point in the night, the girl awoke to Albin touching her and having sexual intercourse with her. Albin also held her down and covered her mouth throughout the course of the event. The young girl suffered an injury as a result of this incident.

In 2021, while investigating and preparing another pending matter against the defendant, Prosecutor Gray and detectives with the Clinton Police Department discovered that this matter had not ever been filed.

Albin, who, in 2009, was on parole, had his parole revoked shortly after this incident and returned to the Missouri Department of Corrections. Due to that and changes within operating systems, the investigation had mistakenly been closed and thus not pursued.

A trial was held March 1, 2023 with Judge Jacqueline Cook presiding. Prosecutor Gray presented and argued the matter on behalf of the State of Missouri. Albin was represented by counsel. On March 2, 2023, Judge Cook announced that the Court had found Albin guilty as charged.

According to Prosecutor Gray, with the sentencing enhancements of predatory and persistent sex offender, Albin must be sentenced to imprisonment for life.

Prosecutor Gray stated, “Bringing closure and justice to the victim of this heinous act, no matter how late, was worth all of the effort.”

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