Saturday, March 11, 2023

From Michael G's Greenhouses

It has been a while since I put anything on Facebook. We are getting ready for spring in a big way the last couple of weeks once my help got back. 

A lot of what we sell are patented varieties, so those have to be purchased from licensed greenhouses and are shipped in. 

I do start a lot of seeds and we make cuttings for quite a few of our hanging baskets. It has been a pretty easy winter temperature wise, but a hard one for me personally. I hurt my back the first weekend of 2023 and am still in the process of getting back to 100%. I am also 70, it is amazing how little I can get done even though I work all day.

Propane was $2.15 a gallon this winter, so somethings have not done as well until I turned the heat up in February. The ferns in particular are disappointing, even though when small they were in a 68 degree greenhouse. Everything else went up quite a bit in price too, the load of soil is now costing several thousand dollars more per truck full than when I started getting it from Berger four or five years ago.

That said, there is still a lot of stuff looking top notch. I am not a fan of weeks like this last, too many cloudy days to make things grow a lot. We have had several calls about when we are going to open. Right now I am leaning towards April 1. Most years it has been the last weekend of March, but if it stays on the cool side that won't work this year. If you need potting soil we are in the greenhouses 8 to 4 Monday though Friday, but don't have anything for sale in the greenhouses yet. Give us a call at 816 297 2502 to be sure.

Time is the one thing there is never enough of in March. I am really blessed to have almost everyone back who has worked here the past few years, apart from them there would be no Michael G.s Greenhouses. I don't have much mechanization at my place, but some of the people working here are almost like potting machines. See you all in the spring!

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